Why You Should Have A Stage Name

Any girl or guy considering a career for the long or short term should think about using a stage name in place of the real name they go by and there are some very good reasons for this.
In this age of social networking you can keep your work life separate from your personal by having two different profiles. One of the biggest problems facing models on the social networks of MySpace and FaceBook is the random purges and sudden deletions without prior notice for no apparent reason other than you are perceived as a porn star.
Another good reason for a stage name is when and if you decide to retire and return to the civilian life of a 9 to 5 job and what society deem as an acceptable career you may want to put your past behind you and it is a lot easier to distance yourself and preserve your anonymity with a different name.
To those who don’t know, a stage name is defined as “ a name taken by an actor for professional purposes” and this is vital in terms of personal security as well as some models who have been stalked in the past may have had their details found out by certain people in a position to gain access to personal details like where you live or your mobile number and more.
Plus, having a stage name negates the need for having to clearing your history if it came time to leave the business and you would be surprised how many girls decide they regret doing porn about 10 years after they have left to find the material they did still in existence in this age of the internet.
Merely requesting a producer to remove content is pointless as they don’t need to honour this request if you have signed a model release and been paid for. That content now belongs to them. Even if they were gracious enough to remove it (which is highly unlikely) people who have joined websites would most likely have downloaded it to their hard drives and invariably shared it with others on torrent sites and usenet groups that will remain in existence in some corner of the internet somewhere anyway and usually people are found out on other sources other than the website it was intended for anyway.
If you think about it there are millions and millions of porn websites now. What are the odds of someone you know finding you on the one site you specifically worked for unless they were specifically directed to it of course.
Choosing an ideal name need not be a chore but do choose one which will stand out and get you noticed but double check first if the name is already being used as it only causes confusion if there are two people or more using the name already and worse still if it is in use by someone else then you’ve made an enemy in terms of competition for work already and that is not good.
A good porn name could be a normal first name followed by a cheeky or suggestive surname. For instance Ivor Biggun wouldn’t really be used by anyone but is a good example of what I mean. When choosing a name like this, do make sure you live up to that name as you wil only get laughed out of town if you don’t measure up to a name like that.