What makes a PornStar

What makes a good porn star?
What Makes The Wood Good?

The long and short of it is you don’t need a big dick to become a successful male performer in the adult industry. However you will need a dick that works. Ok nothing new there and assuming you have read my article before this and have not been put off by my words of doom and gloom about the realities of this industry I will now impart advice you may find useful.
Just remember all advice given is not the industry standard and that I do not have this business down to a science as much as I would like. The advice I give is from personal observation and experience from many shoots I have been involved with and from talking to many performers over the years.
Some performers are quite secretive to their own methods which is understandable as no one really wants to give anything away to the competition and believe me as long as you are in this industry and no matter how well you think you get on with your colleagues you are still in competition. The adult industry should not be seen as any different to any other job..well apart from the obvious fact you can actually shag the secretary and not get fired for gross misconduct or sexual harassment.
The problem with a lot of guys who fail is down to the illusion of porn product that makes it seem so easy and in theory it really is. You love sex with girls therefore it should be the easiest thing to do on camera right?
In your mind you never factor in the producer watching, the cameraman filming near your arse, make up artists hanging around watching, sound man and other personnel that are usually present on bigger productions and only until you have experienced this will you know.
The same rule applies to gang bangs and orgies but lets not get ahead of ourselves here yet as this is advanced level user only stuff.
So skipping straight to the chase here, you really need to be an exhibitionist first and foremost by not being shy to get your willy out in front of an audience as that is something you will always have even if it’s a bog standard boy/girl gonzo (first person point of view) shoot.
The amount of times over the years I’ve heard from over confident blokes telling me to wheel the ladies in 3,4,5, 6 at a time and they will do them all makes me yawn with boredom and sigh “yeah whatever” because I can wager a bet for my house, car and soul that the same said bragger will never deliver leaving you with a whopping bill to pay those girls who are guaranteed their agreed pay or play fee whether they do a scene or not. The fact you cant get it up and do what you have to is not their concern, so you can see the frustration of a producer not being very flexible in trying out new male talent over tried and tested ones.
No doubt the most ambitious among you have done some research and read other articles that give you advice on how to get and maintain erections by taking herbal pills or viagra.
Forget all that.
The best thing is a good nights rest and a decent diet. I hear a tried and trusted fruit is pineapple as it reduces the unpleasant taste of spunk…So I’ve been told. Not that I know personally, though some guys have actually tasted their own brand of man juice either from source or from the lips of the woman they have worked with. Some are quit elivid at the thought which is understandable. I know of a couple of guys who swear by bananas and Nurishment (a protein drink available in shops) but this best taken at least a day before for it to get through the system and work effectively. Do not expect doing this before a shoot to result in a hefty load. It does not work that way.
Water. I cannot stress how important it is for you to be properly hydrated. It is recommended by medical experts and fitness trainers that a fully grown adult should take in 2.5 litres a day and there is good reason for this too.
I’ve seen guys with hard ons that could hammer nails pound away, sweating furiously but unable to do a cum shot, no matter how hard they try to tug off, they always feel they are near and this is largely because with all the sweating, they have become dehydrated and the body will not let go of any other fluid until it has been replaced. Sometimes a tall cool glass of water is the best remedy and puts paid to this problem.
I am not a fan of Viagra and nor do I support its use on porn shoots. Yes I have heard many testimonials in favour of its use but this is usually in recreational circumstances and not on a shoot where you are being filmed. These are two very different environments for its usage. It has been known for blokes to get serious headaches on a shoot and there is a simple reason why. Viagra does not work if desire is absent. Some people se Viagra as the answer for automatic wood on cue. The other side effects of this is having a boner that wont quit and worse still, the struggle to do a pop shot. Even worse, you could die of a heart attack which I have read about on a porn set in the US but whether it is true is another matter. Probably is if it’s the US.
The biggest reason for failure has got to be the mental distraction. Try as you might, and it is no fault of the girl in most cases, a bloke will find some excuse like, its too hot, its too cold and sometimes not even have an excuse why his dick isn’t working like he’d want it to right now and this is where you really have to know yourself. You can lie to everyone around you but you cannot lie to yourself unless you are that good you believe it too and often I tell guys in this situation to relax. That’s easier said than done but a sympathetic producer will call time for a tea break and chill out just for a bit for a performer to find his motivation and one way to achieve this is to focus on something that you like about the girl you are working with and I’ve heard things from stars like staring at the girls feet or her shoes, boobs or arse and just focus on that. Failing that, just think of that one thing that really turns you on and let that be your guide.
Sometimes all that can be avoided by simply relating to the girl you are working with by being just friendly, maintaining eye contact and simply just fucking as you would do naturally. Again easier said than done in some cases.
Occasionally I see a perfomer who is doing quite well fall flat simply because he has no personality and then wonder why they are not getting much response from the girl they are working with. I’ve heard from girls who found guys great to work with but did not fancy them in the slightest so I wouldn’t waste too much time expecting to be loved by every girl you work with. I’ve often joked to guys to break the ice just to repeat this mantra over and over and as fast as they can:
“Dick, pussy, dick, pussy, dick pussy”…Or just simply think of how ridiculous this looks that a producer is paying you to fuck a beautiful girl. Ok this may not work for everybody but it is certainly food for thought
There is no fool proof solution to the problem of maintaining an erection and seeing a performance through to climax and no doubt every performer can tell you different things that work for them may not necessarily work for you
The one thing some men pride themselves on no matter the size of their appendage is the “money shot” Again, be wary of adverts in sex mags that promise you will spray your lady lovingly with gallons of baby gravy with the mere use of a pill. I don’t ever hear doctors promoting the productivity of such pills but will more likely endorse the male pelvic floor exercise.
Whether this is a myth is anyones guess but girls have been using this method for keeping their pussies tight, therefore it might stand to reason that this may well tighten up the muscle that will aid shooting further if not as copiously as one would like. Though I imagine abstinence from sexual activity and masturbation a couple days before a shoot and good diet and decent nights rest would assist this .
As I said, I’m no medical expert and basically repeating what I have read and learned from various literature and talking to various people in the porn industry. This is a topic very seldom discussed and should be seen as a source of reference. If you wish to question its validity then seek medical advice.

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