HIV/STD certs online

Ok I’ve given this some thought. It is more popular than not that people in the industry from companies to performers both amateur and professional and it seems some influential people support this and from the information I have gleaned from this hotly debated topic, if this is to go forward then we should determine how this is going to work.
I will give you my ideas and reasons for it working.
Feel free to throw in objections with reasons that you feel why it may not work.
Here we go:
1. The whole industry participates. Producers, models and whoever engages in sexual activity with anyone who performs in the business make their HIV and STI paperwork available online via a password protected forum.
This could be direct from the clinic or you personally.
This means everyone has to sign up with their own user/ pass to access the forum BUT before they are allowed to do so they will have to be verified that they indeed work within the industry for known producers who are participating in the scheme (amateur or professional) as they need to be registered also. Doesnt matter if its Johnny Camcorder or 20th Century Fox.
The benefits of this straightaway is that the industry knows who is active and what month their tests are valid from and when it expires.
This helps producers decidse who to book for shoots without headaches knowing they have been tested and models will know prior to the day they work that the people they are working with have been tested by referencing it themselves also.
Bear in mind now that this is just a reference point and not a substitute. Performers engaging in sexual activity for the sole purpose of making visual product are still required to present a hard copy original of that test onlline on the day for inspection to models and producers on the day of a shoot ( a disclaimer on the site will mention that the inspection of the site is just a reference as well)
2. All submitted paperwork on the site will have two boxes which will be ticked or unticked whether the certs have been verified as authentic or unverified which will mean it has not been signed off by a producer who has yet seen it with their own eyes (personally I’m still not really sure about this one to be honest. it seemed like a good idea at the time)
3. All submitted tests (bear with me on this as it gets controversial here) are not verified and submitted by their owners which could make this prone to fakes which is why a hard copy has to be presented on the day prior to a shoot.
All tests online will have the relevant personal details blurred out so that the site hosting this information is not in contravention of the Data Protection Act and also insures against hackers who may wish to get the personal details of models for the intests of stalking etc.
The way I see it, honesty is paramount with people who work together in this industry and any evidence of a test being faked runs the risk of being “black listed” from the industry as a whole and not just the individual because trust has been breached. Who will trus and forgive someoen who has put a fake cert on the site?
Producers and models can verify themselves if in doubt as in some cases you can actually call the clinic to verify a tests authenticity with the consent of the owner whom the test originated from.
People who flout this can also find themselves liable to prosecution in the event of an incident. So please heed the need to be honest! There should be no half stepping when it comes to tests!
4. There are no guarantees that this method will work but the good thing about having such a service available is that every single person can reference back to the person they worked with (assuming they keep their own records) and over a period of time it will act as a work history if you should somehow lose your original documents.
This is also good for the business at large if in the eventuality of a serious outbreak that it can be used for damage limitation by determining who worked with whom during a specific period of infection.
No doubt critics will probably find holes in this and I am inviting you to not just spot them but suggest how we can remedy those problems arising from this.
This is not endorsed by anyone in the industry yet and may not be the final way it is going to be presented but it is a start because no one else has suggested putting a plan forward yet at this early stage on how we should go about this.
This is for everybody that is performing and I would like to see some input since it is a service with you in mind.
Also the need to have this service is also to make the UK industry at least appear more professional by showing that it cares for the people that work in it becauseit shows we are capable of self regulation.
Like I said before I see a serious case for rather than against and would like to elcome anyones point of view who can make it better.
I have simplified it deliberately to reduce cost to all participating. I know in this harsh economic climate that some may feel they cannot afford to subsidise the cost of a service like this.
Over to you.