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    Terry Stephens
    Terry Stephens

    The minutes below are taken from the afternoon session of the UKAP Mix & Meet at Sanctum Soho on Tuesday March 26th

    You can listen to the entire 2 hour audio recording of the various topics discussed with attendees comprised of adult industry producers, performers, advocates and services HERE:

    Special thanks to the sponsors of the day for making this event possible:

    The Vice Accountant
    Devon Breeze
    Studio 66

    14 Day vs 28 Day Testing
    In response to the 14 day vs 28 day testing voting in favour of 28 day was observed by a show of hands for 28 days and quantified in the general meeting with 56 Dean Street and Your Sexual Health explaining that 14 days was not necessary because the UK adult performers are “a low risk category because of regular testing” You can listen to this audio recording of the meeting 4mins – 33mins

    Producers subsidising PCR 14 Day Testing
    Other topics that came up was subsidising performers with a higher rate of pay if they have to get PCR tests to work

    Dean Streets position on 14 Day Testing
    John Clark from 56 Dean Street explained that performers will be refused testing every 14 days because the budget does not allow for it. If this persists they will have to close the services down to those in the industry which they do not differentiate from the public using the service for 28 day testing.

    Age Verification
    Steve Winyard from AV Secure explained the delay was due to the chaos of Brexit and assure everyone that the plan was to clearly promote its arrival through the press when the smoke has cleared politically with Brexit and to expect the roll out by September

    Contact Steve Winyard saw@avsecure.com

    Your Sexual Health
    Dr Rashid and Paul Marks discuss the service they are providing for the adult business and answer the question of 14 days vs 28 as providing a service not limited to the guidelines that 56 Dean Street operate by. Their professional opinion to 14 day testing was that it is not necessary unless there was a problem with the 28 day testing.

    Contact 0161 660 2599 info@yoursexualhealth.co.uk

    Bespoke insurance for the adult industry sector was discussed in relation to cover with property damage and crowdfunding options not paying out for breaches of terms of service. AdultSure provide a variety of cover from producer liability and medical except sexual injuries related to work on set

    Email: info@adultsure.uk +44 (0)800 8818841

    Jason Domino and Kayden Gray
    Gay porn star, sex educators and campaigners for PrEP provided insight with understanding U=U being HIV untransmittable and working in the adult business and the importance of being supervised as opposed to self medicating and explain why performers do not need to disclose their HIV status while on PrEP

    Follow @TheJasonDomino

    Porn Producers For Safety Pledge

    The Vice Accountant
    As well as being a sponsor of the days events , The Vice Accountant is also and adult industry friendly accountancey service with an understanding of the adult industry in that he will know what will save you money with what you claim for when it comes to doing your tax returns and general book keeping , especially if youre one of those successful cam models on 300k a year. The Vice Accountant is your man!

    Fan Baits
    Fan Baits is the new social media platform that is adult friendly in that it doesnt shadow ban or any of that annoying stuff on current mainstream platforms. Sign up for your free profile to get your brand name today


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