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So why do you wanna be a porn star? (Male)
Why would any guy want to be a porn star?

Why would anybody indeed? Most people I know in the adult industry came in through some roundabout way or other and rarely because it was a career aspiration. It has been known that LA is the mecca to the porn industry in the world, but has anyone thought of why the San Fernando valley was the place of choice to the adult industry? My theory is because LA is seen as the place to go to earn your riches in the main stream entertainment industry and that most of those who have been there in search of fame and fortune are maybe failed models, musicians, actors or whatever that took a wrong turn on Rodeo Drive and ended up somewhere in Porn Valley.
These days people are actively perusing a career in the adult industry so this is not the case as it used to be back in the 70’s, 80’s and late 90’s
I’ve been around a fair few years now and given most people know what I do for a living, I get the inevitable question from time to time : “How do I get to be a porn star then?”
With great difficulty is the answer.
I usually follow up by answering the ensuing questions about how the industry is all about the same guys shagging the same women. Well theres a simple answer to that too. Those are the guys who can get it up and are reliable enough to keep working in the business.
There are new guys in the adult business right now who can tell you the same thing that it was not easy to get in and like anything else in life. Even if you have the talent to get in. Do you have what it takes to stay?
I hate to put a downer on guys but I have to be real as well. Its like anything else, only so many people end up being the best in their profession therefore the same applies to being a stud in the industry. The only way for you to shine is to be good at what you do for people to notice you and rebook you on a regular basis.
This essay is mainly aimed at guys because the same rules do not apply to girls who do not have to keep an erection and carry a scene by shagging girls to make them look good. No offense to guys but no matter how great your pecs and glutes look this is not about you. That’s just eye candy to help the girl get going and for the lady viewers at home watching the end product
To start off with, the odds are stacked against guys succeeding anyway. Most guys watch porn movies and see a pretty girls in state of coitus and visualize themselves doing better. Some guys are honest enough to admit they cannot do it for whatever issues that prevent them from doing so. Getting your clothes off and being stark naked in front of a film crew consisting of make up artists, sound engineers, cameras and lighting and sound engineers on bigger productions can be quite intimidating. And you will feel vulnerable being naked around them being dressed watching you silently.
Thank goodness then for the amateur side of the business then where you can have a go with first time producers who have scraped a few hundred together to make their own home made epics on a shoe string or next to no budget. So it should come as no surprise that you will be earning a much lower rate than what is usually paid by more professional producers.
To the average newbie venturing into the twilight world of the adult industry, this is the best entry level you will get as amateur producing, the straits from whence One Eyed Jack came from and is still in spirit is the most easy going way to start and should be seen as a practice level to see if it is something you can do or indeed want to continue with in the future.
Some guys prefer working on this level for how easy going and undemanding it is but not very good if you want to progress to shagging the likes of the better known porn stars on bigger better paid productions that get more exposure and for the more ambitious among you, the fame and adulation that comes with it but again, being realistic, most folk in this business are in it to get paid and paid well for their efforts and this is where it gets increasingly difficult to get to unless you have a particular talent for performing. The ability to get wood and the ability to show some personality while doing so without upstaging your co star who happens to be the real star of the show.
Sorry guys, no matter how hot you think you look, the end product is bought by guys wanting to see the woman. You are merely the tool to them seeing that. But its not all doom and gloom. If you re a likeable enough guy you can make yourself a name as an easy going reliable and fun to work with stud who all the girls will have on their shortlist, guaranteeing you plenty of work but herein comes the other problems that face the porn stud. Over familiarity, jealousy and other motives can blur the reason why you got into this business in the first place but that’s a whole other essay.
Lets not kid ourselves, the reason why you want in as a porn star in the jizz biz banging gash for cash is because you want to fuck girls ….and get paid. If there is any other reason I haven’t mentioned here then you will fail miserably with a flaccid dick swinging between your legs, sweating profusely panicking “This doesn’t usually happen to me” and try as you might you just cant get the old Mr Wriggly to work. Its like it has a mind of its own and indeed it does.
You have to master your dick like a lion tamer and to do this you must remember that all sex begins in the head. Not in the dick. I don’t know any guys dick that works without impulses from his brain fired by what he sees before him.
You will be challenged to work with someone shall we say, visually challenging. Yes you thought your career would be about shagging a steady stream of hot hard bodied blondes from Sweden but being a porn star means that you are able to work with a variety of women of different ages and looks, shapes and sizes. So I hope you signed up expecting you might shag someone you don’t necessarily fancy and even if you did fancy that girl you saw getting shagged bandy and loving it doesn’t necessarily mean she will enjoy being shagged by you. At best you will find girls are pleasant and professional enough but I wont kid you that some girls can be right prima donnas who think you should be grateful enough for them being paid to suck your dick…and good looks on your part is not always a guarantee of this. I’m just painting a worse case scenario mind but this could be the sort of thing you may well have to deal with if you are in the business for more than 5 minutes.
Oh and hygiene. You got to be on point with the hygiene. No girl I know likes a quarter pounder with cheese unless it has been served with fries from McDonalds or Burger King no what I’m saying?
As a producer and performer in many of my own movies, I’ve seen how things can get from bad to worse real quick and thanks to my people skills I’ve managed to salvage most situations into something that worked out well for me in the end.
Then theres the other thing that people forget. That working in the adult business also carries the risk of getting an std and the most common of these is chlamydia which is easily treatable and the next popular one is gonorreah.which is also treatable if caught in its early stages and seeing that all perfomers, male and female are required to have their tests renewed every 28- 30 days you’d think it would reduce the risks considerably and for the most part it does but what you would have to consider is , how would you deal with it if it was to happen to you? Especially if you’ve never had an std before.
So there you have it. Food for thought on some of the things that can put you off to the realities of what the average porn star has to face and this probably isn’t the half of it. There are other pitfalls to consider that can dampen ones ardour for this profession, the travelling, irregular working hours. The mental and physical demands may even challenge your very perception of whether this industry is the right thing for you to be in when you could be quite happy just pulling a girl at the local pub on a Friday or Saturday night for a casual shag.
Just remember that while this porn lark can be a load of fun and immensely fulfilling it is still a business and has to be approached as such. Otherwise you might just be better off working for an amateur for a fraction of the price they are offering.
The choice is yours

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