Advice for female models starting out

I would hope that any female going into the adult business has given it some serious thought before doing so and I would hope that before making that leap that you first and foremost at least like sex. Just to do it for the money will wear thin on you after awhile and you may well have issues with your new chosen profession because of it. One thing that any girl will tell you about this business once you are in it for any length of time is that it becomes a way of life, working, socialising, networking, attending events, parties and all that other fun stuff.

One thing you should seriously consider if you are around for awhile is purchasing the domain names that are relevant to you and all its variants to protect your own interests in case you decide on doing a website, because if you don’t and should you get somewhere in the industry, you can bet someone will be capitalising on your good name before long and there will be nothing you can do about it except change your name.

Most importantly, don’t ever do anything you don’t want to. If you have certain levels you work up to then stick to them unless of course you decide to up those levels in which case it is up to you to decide when you are good and ready. Far too many girls get put off because they regret doing something they should not have done at the time because of pressure from producers. Not only will you have to live with that decision but also it could sway the rest of the industry to demand more of the same from you. For example, if you work up to girl/girl then decide you want to do a boy/girl scene producers will expect the same thing and will not understand why they cannot have it..

A common tactic I’ve seen to manipulate girls to consider going harder is to deprive them of work so they consider upping their levels. Though this is more a theory and not an established fact. Though it is true, a girl who does everything is more likely to get bookings over one that does not offer as much.

Girls should also understand the importance of having their HIV/STD results current and up to date and be vigilant that anyone they are working with male or female does the same. Far too many performers become relaxed and too familiar and continue to work with people whose certs are out of date. Even a day out is unacceptable. Contrary to what some may think girls can get infected by other girls which was addressed way back in 2004 when the current trend became mandatory to become HIV/ STD tested every 28 days. Non compliance to this has resulted in stds perpetually being in the performing pool and is a major inconvenience to those who get treated to risk getting again when it can be minimised if everyone is strict on this. The Indigo Clinic is one of many that provides HIV/STD testing and certificates among its other services. One you should seriously consider is getting vaccinated against Hepatitis. This is usally a course over a period of 6 months but well worth having.

A models professionalism is assessed by her attitude and attention to her appearance, time keeping and reliability in arriving on time to a job. This industry is no different to any other that requires this most simplest of things and serial offenders are noted and talked about which usually results in work drying up as other performers will not work with someone who constantly gives them infections and quite right too. So if you want to be considered for more professional productions that pay better then you should consider this well.

A good model should have within her kit the following items:

A baby sponge, gynecol gel, canesten, baby wipes, sudo crème, bonjela, wet wipes, and corsodyl and optional for those who do anal a douche kit. I’ll assume as a woman, you’ll know what all these are used for and how to use them.

Personality is something you either have or you don’t and usually something that is a bonus that works to your favour. In short if you are a friendly bubbly person with an easy going nature and great to work with, producers/ photographers and other models will be keen to work with you time and time again.

When considering a booking for a modelling assignment and you are unsure, it is worth researching the person you are working for by asking for references like who they have worked with so you can get some feedback from those sources and check out their website as most producers seem to have a website with their product on these days or product that is available on a website. In some cases a producer may well be new and cannot provide references or a website and in these cases it might be wise to ask if you can bring a companion or at least make regular calls to someone who knows where you are. In most, if not all cases, producers are fine but if it gives you peace of mind I cannot see any producer not being understanding of this.

Its also a good idea to know what the going rates are for what as well. Heres a basic breakdown

Solo girl: £200-£250

Girl/ Girl: £200- £300

Boy/ Girl: £250-£300

Boy/Girl w anal £300- £400

Boy/ Girl w dp £350-£450

These prices are an average depending on who you are working for. Sometimes producers pay more but this is always by arrangement prior to a booking. Some even pay less with the understanding that they may only need you for a couple of hours so when assessing a potential booking find out how long they will need you for and also if they pay travel expenses. Not all producers offer this.

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