The Heist – Jacquie et Michele Elite

A crew of thieves plans to rob a sex toy factory, but their scheme requires perfect coordination and execution. All the while, a determined police officer works to disrupt the heist attempt and broker the release of the hostages.

Jacquie et Michele Elite is a French studio that specializes in high-end erotic features. Directors Luka and Ludovic Dekan adapt part one of the Spanish Netflix series “Money Heist” into a full-length adult feature film. This movie was presented in French and as I do not speak that language, so I had to base a lot of my evaluations on comparisons between the series and the film. Both the series and the movie center around a complex heist, but instead of money, the thieves are looking to steal a massive amount of sex toys. Like the series, the thieves take hostages, and like the series, the mastermind behind the job directs the entire operation from off-site. There’s a lot of tension in this film with some memorable acting performances, and the sex is pretty hardcore. The production is visually stimulating as well with the settings feeling quite realistic.

After some tense negotiations, Rose Valerie (playing the detective) brokers the release of another member of the thief crew and escorts him into the factory. This turns into a kinky three-way between the detective, the newly-released crew member and the crew’s leader. Oh my word Rose knows how to use her hips! There is a short-but-sweet sequence where Rose backs her ass up on one dick that is absolute magic! The DP is fast and furious and Rose takes a pretty good hammering which she was very enthusiastic about. This is really good stuff.

Angel Emily plays a hostage who gets roped into filling bags of stolen merchandise, but she gets out of it by offering up her pussy and ass to her captors instead. Not quite as potent as the first DP, this scene is still arousing due to Angel’s pretty face and the cool blue hue to the lighting, which gave the scene a very after dark aesthetic. The finish is filmed in a very close-up fashion that gives the audience a bird’s-eye view of Angel’s pretty asshole.

After a setback, the crew leader identifies a problem hostage and has her brought to his office by his lone female henchman. Understanding the gravity of her situation, Lina Dembe decides to throw herself at the crew chief and he obliges her advances with a powerful ass fuck. I mean he really stuffs her full and pounds her like a piston! Tracy Rose gets in on the action as well, using her pussy to please her boss while feasting on Lina’s box. Two cool things about this scene: first, the lighting was completely different from the first two, so there was great variety, and second, holy cow what a finish! If you’re into more kinky stuff, you’re definitely going to want to see the money shot in this one; it’ll make you raise your eyebrows.

Candice Demellza plays a member of the crew that gets caught by the police and brought in for questioning. Resolute in her defiance, she refuses to give the police any useful information, instead opting to give the interrogation guard the time of his life! Candice is very pretty, she’s got a great blowjob technique (those slow licks!) and nice long legs that end in a supple ass. The standing side spoon on the table was beautiful (what an amazing view of Candice’s rear) and watching her get railed without mercy is going to really feed the power fantasy for some viewers.

In the end, the crew manages to pull off their heist successfully, outwitting the detective. The film ends right about the point that part two of the show ends, but there is a part three to the show meaning this movie could potentially see a sequel. Rose Valerie is a real champion in this movie what with the way she took her fucking, but the entire cast is honestly quite good and brings a high level of debauchery to the production with their performances. It really is too bad I couldn’t find an English version of this as it would have been great to see just how close to the original story this film stayed. I will say that watching the performers act in their native tongues was an unexpectedly liberating experience. Allowing them to speak their own language eliminates those stutters and pauses you sometimes find with performers who are trying to act in a language not their own.