The Headmistress and … The Harlots – Scarlett Revell Studios

Ms. Lyle, headmistress of one of the finest all-girl academies in the country, arrives to investigate claims of inappropriate behavior and substandard student performance under the tutelage of lead professor Mr. Kent. With the fate of the academy hanging in the balance, and a tenacious Ms. Lyle watching his staff and his students’ every move, Mr. Kent must prove that everything is in order while keeping his horny students and staff from “blowing” the whole thing!

“The Headmistress and …The Harlots” is the first feature film released by Scarlett Revell Studios (a collaboration between Bronx native performer-turned-director Scarlett Revell, and popular European director Gazzman) since inking their distribution deal with Adult Source Media. Nominated for an XBIZ Europa Award for Best Glamcore Sex Scene, the film got off to a hot start and it’s easy to see why. With sexy Scottish minx Georgie Lyall in the lead role (my goodness I love her accent) and a supporting cast that includes the luscious Russian Lucy Heart and Czech bombshell Victoria Pure, this movie has an international flavor that will leave the audience mesmerized. The first thing that should be mentioned about this movie is the absolutely gorgeous location! The facility the movie takes place in boasts beautiful Victorian architecture and every room is lavishly decorated with luxurious furnishings.

Feature porn is so good when the locations enhance the story! Another thing I really liked was the way Gazzman incorporated expositional shots from the past and present congruently with dialogue scenes between Ms. Lyle and Mr. Kent. Those shots really worked to bring the story to life and had a big impact on the dialogue between the main characters. Georgie Lyall does a great job in her role as the hard-nosed headmistress with a sexy axe to grind and the relationship between her and Clarke Kent is executed nicely. In fact, without their strong performances, the movie would essentially become an all-sex project because no one else has much to do when it comes to advancing the plot.

The sex in this movie literally happens everywhere, all the time, and try as he might, it’s clear that Mr. Kent has no control over his staff or his students. Josephine Jackson seduces one of her teachers (Nick Moreno) during a planned study session in which she doesn’t even pretend to be interested in his attempts at instruction. Josephine has massive tits and the camera work captures them in all their glory multiple times during the action. If buxom ladies are your thing, you are going to love this woman. I also quite liked the editing fades to new positions. That style was fairly prevalent back in the ‘90s and it was cool to see it make a return here.

Lucy Heart’s French professor (Rico Simmons) does his best to keep Lucy focused on their scheduled oral lessons, but Lucy has a different kind of oral lesson in mind and Rico’s feeble attempts to keep her on task are dismissed casually. Unfortunately, Ms. Lyle catches the offenders in the act, and she collects video evidence of their sordid behavior while struggling to keep her own excitement in check. The choice to have Lucy keep her skirt on and leave her panties gathered around her ankles during the spoon was very smart because that was a hot, hot, hot visual! The missionary was also fantastic due to Lucy’s positioning and the way she raised her hips to meet Rico’s thrusts. Subtle variations like this on standard positions can add so much new life to said positions. Kudos!

The headmistress begins her verification of student compliance with academy standards by making sure their everyday dress is within the dress code. Of course, this leads to a lust-infused encounter between Ms. Lyle and Lola Rae and it is a fun one. Georgie’s milky completion meshes perfectly with her pink lipstick and pink/purple attire and it creates an irresistible visage that the audience can’t help but ogle after. The shared toy play looks fantastic and some delicious face-sitting caps off a very pleasant encounter.

There’s a pseudo-voyeur scene that involves Ms. Lyle using her phone to watch the French teacher fuck another one of his students (Stacy Bloom). There’s a surprise narration to introduce the scene and we don’t get to find out who that is, and Stacy looks at the camera a lot during the scene which could either be her character watching Ms. Lyle as Ms. Lyle watches them, or Stacy herself simply embracing the gonzo porn style of looking through the fourth wall during the sex to bring the audience into the action. Either way it was a bit jarring to see such a tonal shift occur without any exposition to support it. Still, this scene is great. Georgie looks fabulous sitting in a large windowsill using her vibrator wand to bring herself to furious orgasm while watching the action, and Stacy endures a relentless throating from Rico in multiple positions. This is a blowjob scene, but the way it is constructed makes it very engaging. It’s the best scene in the movie in my view.

The sex culminates in a naughty three-way between Mr. Kent, a returning student (Victoria Pure) who just happens to be his niece, and Ms. Lyle who walks in on them engaging in “inappropriate touching.” When the offenders feign ignorance, Ms. Lyle opts to show them just what inappropriate touching looks like, and boy does she show them! Georgie loves to play with her huge tits and this scene is no exception as she subjects Victoria to some pretty fun vaginal stimulation with her nipples. A lengthy doggie fuck is a real treat as well because holy smokes does Georgie look good bent over with a dick inside her!

This is a successful movie on many levels. Visually, it is so stimulating, which is one of Scarlett Revell’s goals for her studio. The underwear colors chosen by Georgie, Victoria and Lucy were all perfect for them and really enhanced each of their scenes. Georgie and Clarke do a wonderful job of keeping the story on task, which is a credit to them because they’re the only two people in the movie who have any real dialogue. If either of them had faltered, the narrative would have suffered. And lastly, the sex was varied and arousing. Gazzman does a great job of making every scene feel exciting which shows his skill. Fans of feature porn should definitely check this one out, and Georgie Lyall should be cast in many projects moving forward because she is outstanding.

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