Hot Girl Summer – James Deen Productions

Watch true cuties getting banged a la POV sex in three scenes, as well as a fourth one shot non-POV with adorable little spinner Kenna James getting hammered.

Each of these four young ladies is totally worth viewing, with the videography being stellar enough to suck-cessfully capture all of the sloppy fun. Kenna is, actually, up first with highlights from this perky sweetie being a deep blowjob and some powerful pounding in the pretzel/missionary position, with loads of excellent eye contact from scrumptious Ms. James. What an impressive skewering of darling Kenna!

Then, the three POV sequences kick off with Sovereign Syre shot entirely while she gets humped away on a sofa, with my favorite moment being when she’s really drilled doggie style. She’s such a hungry slut. Love her!

I particularly like the scene with Wednesday Parker, another delicious and fresh damsel, in that it’s pretty much one brightly lit, wide angle of her getting banged in bed; and you do get good footage of everything. The horny cowgirl, doggie and spoon slammings accentuate her juicy bod and how much she loves being a submissive tramp, including getting her hair yanked (hard!) during doggie.

And, finally, lots o’ good standing doggie and penetrating missionary with exotic-looking Amira Adarah, while we get plenty of close-up blowjobbin’ (yeah!) here, too.

All in all, this in-your-face, shot-from-the-hip gonzo is worth checking out in that the newbies are so tasty-looking and bubbly, with a definite need for seed; while, again, the camerawork makes it easy to happily whack off to.

Optimale P Curve – Doc Johnson

With a sleek, modern look, the Optimale P Curve presents a high-tech option for the guy that’s got to have all the latest gadgets. Plan to spend a bit of time with setup as there are quite a few cords and cables, but once you get the hang of how it works, this machine delivers some incredible sensations. It’s a bit thicker than other comparable toys, and therefore is perhaps better suited for seasoned anal players.