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Large Naturals – GirlGirl.com

Lipstick lesbians with large breasts and incredible asses get it on, with plenty of emphasis on mouth/pussy/tits, in this arousing gonzo from GirlGirl.com. And each of our four tete-a-tete (tit-a-tit, twat-a-twat, tongue-a-twat, you get the drift) sessions really kicks ass.

Brunette babes Autumn Falls (who possesses one of the most perfect sets of boobies in the biz) and Nia Nacci are our first couple o’ coozers, and it’s one passionate pairing, indeed, with plenty of moaning, groaning, kissing and tit-sucking. Aside from missionary-style sucking, these ladies really excel in the 69 department, while seeing Autumn grind her semi-hairy pussy down onto Nia’s hungry face will surely get you off, as well.

Angela White plays a real dominant woman (love her!) who even slaps the gorgeous Gianna Dior in the face at one point in their lesbo tryst, which is thoroughly volcanic, especially when Angie eats bent-over Dior’s derriere, while seeing Gia bounce and shake Angie’s big and jiggly ass cheeks during 69 is amazing, as is Angie ferociously grinding Gia’s face (as she pulls Dior’s hair) into her pussy during missionary. Both ladies totally rock!

Seeing Gabbie Carter undulate her big, perfect tits as she sits her pussy on brunette beauty Jade Baker’s face is another high point in the movie; while I felt my cock was gonna burst right there and then in my hands as the reverse occurs, with Jade sitting her fine pussy on Carter’s face, while Baker revolves her butt cheeks around and around. Whew, baby!

And in the movie’s only threesome, always-welcome Italian fox Valentina Nappi makes an appearance with her extra luscious body, getting it on with redheaded April O’Neil and the other dark-haired chick-a-dee in the scene Darcie Dolce, with all of the ladies’ tits looking superb; the high points of this episode being when each lady and her fine ass is bent over and the other two take turns eating that delish pink and arsehole, with April really getting deep (don’t blame her) into Valentina’s ass, as Darcie eats Nappi’s nookie from below. Scorching!

Aside from choice-looking vixens with excellent breasts and booties, what makes “Large Naturals” a winner is the exclusion of machines — as in vibes — instead having these hot-to-trot dames only use their mouths, tongues, lips and fingers. Absolutely worth checking out. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Vibrassage Fondle by Inmi – XR Brands

Sometimes, I get tired. My loins get relaxed but my brain knows it wants some more action under my panties. But then again, my fingers are tired, too. Luckily, my hand is awake enough to grab my silicone, rechargeable Vibrassage Fondle toy to easily slip it under the covers and between my legs onto my eager and not tired clit.

By simply pressing the button on the sensuously curved body of the Fondle, I’m able to reawaken my dozing vulva by focusing the pinky-sized tip of the vibrating stimulator directly on my clit while the two, same-sized twirling tips below it gently stroke either sides of my clit hood, creating a sensation that jolts me awake with pleasure. My eyes widen and my breath speeds up, and with each back-bending orgasm, I realize I’m more awake than I have been in hours. Sure beats another visit to Starbucks.

Lost Love – Wicked Pictures

The life of Elizabeth Carey (Jessica Drake) is turned upside down when tragedy strikes in the form of an unexpected death. As she struggles to cope with the loss and the realization that she’ll never be with her husband Eric (Ryan Driller) again, she meets kindred spirits Ryan (Small Hands) and Jessie Lee, both of whom have also had to face death. Can wayward souls help Beth find the closure and peace she’s craving or will she be doomed to wallow in the purgatory of despair forever?

Sometimes you see a pornographic film that leaves you in awe … that makes you question why it isn’t a Hollywood production and why this type of movie can’t exist in porn all the time. This is one of those movies. It tackles subject matter that is life-relevant and wouldn’t be touched with a 10-foot pole by most porn today because it’s too serious. It features emotional performances that reach right into the heart of the viewer and touch that emotional release button that nobody thinks can be touched when they’re supposed to just be rubbing one out or wanking off. This movie is moving, relieving, engrossing and blisteringly sexual all at once and only an especially talented director and intensely dedicated cast could have pulled this off.

Jessica Drake gives the performance of her career here and it’s not even close. The amount of raw emotion pouring out of Elizabeth permeates every aspect of the film and Drake does an absolute masterful job of conveying it. If you have followed her career over the last few years, you can guess as to how she was able to put such real emotion into this performance. In fact, all the cast whose characters are dealing with grief knock their performances out of the park. Penny Pax, Brad Armstrong, Kira Noir and Ryan Driller all should be commended for their believability. This kind of role is hard to pull off and not a single one of them misses the mark. It gives the movie so much emotional capital and is just really fantastic work from everyone involved.

Armstrong also creates some memorable moments by weaving beautiful exterior shots into the film. The scenes in the graveyard are particularly well done (including the overhead drone shot) and they too give the movie a very realistic feel. If you’ve ever lost anyone (and who among us hasn’t) this movie is going to hit you hard. Kira Noir had my eyes welling up during one of her scenes, there’s a heartwarming interaction between Pax and Drake that made me smile through tears and there’s a moment where Elizabeth breaks down in her kitchen that will make you forget you’re watching porn and bring goosebumps of anguish to your skin. It really hurt to watch that scene play out because it was so masterfully executed. I can’t applaud the performances of the cast enough and Armstrong’s direction is simply incredible.

With all that said, this is still porn and Armstrong still knows how to capture great sex on camera. The great thing about the sex in this movie is the fact that it feeds Elizabeth’s journey. It’s more than just sex here, it’s part of the story and it’s all brilliantly done. Penny Pax and Donnie Rock have a scene in a pristine bedroom that is soft and sensual, but also a bit playful. It’s an upbeat moment in the otherwise heavy film and the sex reflects as much. The lovers smile at each other and caress each other lovingly as they fuck. I really like Penny Pax. She’s got such a wonderful body. I love watching her beautiful tits bounce and I love her curves. She’s just a joy to watch. Here she looks great in cowgirl and spoon and she looks great wrapped in Donnie’s embrace.

Drake and Driller have a scene that is similarly passionate, but filled with a completely different emotional energy. There’s a sense of therapeutic release that gives the scene a weight you don’t often see in porn. It also features what might be Drake’s best blowjob ever. She takes her time, and there’s a passion that you can feel as she swallows him. Those soft moans? Wow. There’s also some unique clitoral play during the cowgirl that deserves a chef’s kiss. Watching Elizabeth melt into Eric’s arms as she orgasms is so romantic and erotic. Really wonderful stuff.

There are two solo scenes in the movie (both featuring Drake) and I think Armstrong should be commended for making the artistic choice to do two such scenes that served the narrative so well. There are few things more arousing than watching a woman masturbate and these two scenes tackle that idea in a very unique way. The first scene is a solo play on a boy/girl scene with Elizabeth “making love” to Eric via one of his old suits. My goodness does she look incredible sprawled across the carpet fucking herself as she longs for Eric’s touch. The second solo scene takes place in the broad daylight of a graveyard and while equally arousing, there’s an underlying pain etched across Elizabeth’s face. Thy dynamic it creates is one that most audiences will probably be unaccustomed to but wow does Drake look good and its impossible not to feel the rise in one’s libido while watching her.

Studsman Brad Armstrong performs with the lovely Kira Noir for the first time ever and their encounter doesn’t disappoint. There’s a desperation between them that makes the sex feel nasty and salacious and it’s just what both of them need. Kira lets Brad take her ass in bathroom and she stuffs herself full of him hard and relentlessly. That woman has amazing stamina. Also, cast Kira Noir in more features! This woman can act!

Drake and tattooed vixen Jessie Lee get nasty with each other in an old car junkyard and I must say that setting is a first for me. Great location. Jessie really feasts on Jessica who succumbs to Jessie’s assault on her pussy with lewd abandon. For her efforts, Jessie gets a nice fingering in return and even a bit of rimming!

The most sensual, yet simultaneously aggressive scene features Drake and Small Hands. The premise of the scene is cathartic for Elizabeth, but there’s definitely an element of discomfort for her character, which makes the entire encounter incredibly powerful. Yes it’s a sex scene, but it truly is so much more within the context of the story. When Hands is fucking her, slightly choking her, at times seemingly punishing her, at other times obeying her every demand, he is existing as part of a powerful healing process of Elizabeth’s choosing. Like I said, this movie is going to hit you hard.

The movie ends with a twist that I didn’t see coming, and it threw the entire film into a completely different perspective. It left me emotionally drained and yet supremely satisfied. This is a generational type movie with a concept as ambitious as any I’ve ever seen in porn. Brad Armstrong is at the top of his game and with this movie he really reaches another level of brilliance. The entire cast is seriously good, with a special mention to Frank Bukkwyd and Ross Guza who nailed their non-sex roles as well. Meanwhile Jessica Drake delivers the most sexually charged, emotionally raw performance of her career. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was unable to view the extra features.

Medium Pink Gem Anal Plug – Adam & Eve

The Medium Pink Gem Anal Plug by Adam & Eve comes boxed in a simple white box with the product, in just about life-size, displayed front-and-center. Inside the box, the plug is wrapped in a black drawstring bag.

The plug itself feels pretty heavy for being made of aluminum. It is small and not very scary to look at, but you will be surprised by the girth. The box describes the plug as being perfect for beginners because it looks small. I would disagree. I actually think this plug, because of the width of the insertable bulb, though short, is bulky and might be better for a more experienced user. Finally, the end of the plug is adorned with a gigantic faux pink gem.