Interracial Threesomes 7 – Blacked

Four scalding black-dick-on-white-chick scenes from, as two gents each mightily tag-team a tasty, torrid babe, with not a bad bonin’ in the house.

And we begin with a doozie directed by Laurent Sky, as porn icon Tori Black gets the black-vine treatment times two from Jason Luv and Louie Smalls. Ms. Black plays a broadcast personality assigned to interview the most famous boxer in the world, here portrayed by Jason Luv, with his sparring bro’ Louie Smalls gettin’ down and dirty with Tori after one of Luv’s workouts, with the raunchy result being an even better workout. Tor’s double-suck is amazing, with Jace soon doggie humping her while they’re standing, as she sucks Louie; the lads soon switching places. I especially loved seeing Jace pick up Tor off her feet and hammer the shit outta her mish style. Damn does this woman have one juicy butt on her! Cowgirl is awesome, as Tor bounces her gelatinous booty cheeks on raging hard-ons. Doggie is even better. Actually, Tori is one of those ladies who simply can’t put in a bad position. And you can’t beat seeing that pretty face inhaling big, gnarly chocolate eclairs. There’s lots more doggie drillings and dick lickings, with our girl ultimately taking massive loads o’ choad into her mouth and swallowing it whole. Yes! Tor’s quite the whore! Love her!

Next, gorgeous Ariana Marie gets a dynamic double-dark-dick drillin’ from Jos Lescaf and Nat Turnher in a scene directed by Kayden Kross, as Marie’s bent hubby turns the choice twat out as a “hot wife,” in other words, he’s a decadent dick who likes seeing his woman getting hammered by (hooray!) strange hose. Marie’s face-fucking alone by the boys is worth checking out here, trust me. They even pick her up off her feet, turn her upside-down and make her choke/hack/heave on pud. I don’t know which position I like better with Ariana. They’re all fantastic! Spoon is definitely one of my faves, seeing as her butt is so round, smooth and perfect. Doggie is, of course, awesome, again due to her possessing such a killer set o’ cheeks. And I just can’t get enough o’ watching that pretty face gag on gristle. The boys eventually really coat her kisser and cunt with cum, too. Such a wondrous slut. Like Tori, Ariana is always viewing worth spewing … or is it the other way around?

Now Lily Love? Mama! Talk about a super scrumptious piece o’ snatch, here getting her trap and twat slammed by black salami, care of deli-dick dudes Jax Slayher and (the returning) Louie Smalls, with Lil simply playing a randy cunt who wants to experience a little dark meat, cum-pliments of director Laurent Sky. Doggie with Lil is one of the movie high points, as her big butt bongos just quiver like mad; ditto for cowgirl, which is, actually, even more boner-inducing. Watch those greased-up patty cakes fly! She’s a pretty damn good cock-socket with her cake hole, too. And the slut just loves ultimately having her lips and tongue frosted with spermatozoa. Whew! What an amazingly succulent slice o’ heaven, that Lil!

Lastly, director Greg Lanksy wows us as blonde babe Naomi Woods gets heatedly hammered by the raging ham-boners on Jason Luv and Isiah Maxwell, with Woods playing a filthy businesswoman who does all she must to close a cunt-tract with this pair o’ lucky fuckers (for her bitchy female boss, that is), with absolutely nuclear results. It’s great seeing Woods try to get all of that black pipe down her gullet; after which the boys start taking turns slowly, greasily filling her cunt with their black behemoths. A sight for sore eyes, indeed, with missionary being just as intensely arousing as cowgirl and doggie. And, man, can this little tramp take an impressive length of cockmeat up her vadge, with Isiah’s cream pie during cowgirl being absolutely apocalyptic; while it’s wonderful seeing Naomi’s chin and lips get cocooned with Luv liquid. Check out, too, how she laps up the sperm deposited onto Maxwell’s belly. Woods is another scrumptious slut that’s a total keeper!

Yep, from start to finish, these four fiery tales of interracial rammings truly rock the people’s cock; with especially high points going to juicy, magically whorish vixens Black, Marie and Love. These tasty, talented tarts know how to brilliantly, gluttonously suck/fuck till the cows come home, baby!

The Original Pocket Rocket – Doc Johnson

There aren’t many vibrators out there that are household names, but The Original Pocket Rocket is one of them and it stands out as one of the more accessible, discreet iconic toys. It was one of the first toys I tried, and a lot of that had to do with the famous name that I became familiar with even before I had any interest in pleasure products — I’m talking about hanging out with the kids on my block and making jokes about “your momma’s Pocket Rocket” kind of fame. I don’t think any of us even knew what it meant, but we sure thought it was funny. Come to think of it, perhaps it had something to do with growing up in the neighborhood adjacent to Doc Johnson’s headquarters in North Hollywood, Calif… Several years later when I realized it was an actual product name, I was amused and especially curious. Turns out that this simple, beginner-friendly vibe is more than just a silly name, it’s a classic toy that recently got a modern new look.

The new Original Pocket Rocket comes in a classy white box package with an opening that reveals the toy within. The front of the box features emblems noting the vibe’s recent accolades from mainstream magazines, including being voted Best Clitoral Vibrator by Cosmopolitan and receiving one of Glamour magazine’s Sex Toy Awards. Three of the box’s sides also feature quotes from the magazines praising The Pocket Rocket’s tried-and-true, timeless design. The packaging really changes the look of the iconic toy to a more luxurious, giftable item. Although you see the classic shape and logo emblazoned on it, the matte black look of toy with gold accents plus its clean white packaging give it a sense of revitalization that’s best described as an upgrade.

The classic look of The Pocket Rocket means that it retains its pocket-sized shape that’s topped by three balls that protrude from the top of the vibe to provide external stimulation. The single-speed mini massager also comes with a nubbed removable top that offers another option for stimulation. I can’t say that I have a preference because I’ve found myself reaching for both; depending on what mood I’m in. The Pocket Rocket only has one speed and even for a clit-stimulation fan like me, it’s never failed.