Fantasstic DP #30 – 21sextury Video

This 21 Sextury gonzo was definitely shot somewhere in Europe (probably Barcelona, Spain), with its nasty foursome of fine-ass females harking from such varied locales as Colombia, Hungary, Austria and (natch) Spain, as they get savagely (a good thing!) double-schtuped by pairs of very lucky dicks.

Up first is DVD cover-slut Matilde Ramos, a choice Colombian 24-year-old brunette, who gets slammed by two dudes, with Matty doing a superb job of double-sucking/-deepthroating/-face-fucking, while her porking is out of this world. Love those enormous head-givin’ lips! I similarly dig her black fishnet stockings, which augment her succulent booty; while she excels during cowgirl, those same hefty ass cheeks insanely gyrating as she continues to choke on man-meat. Then we get some incredible doggie-anal. Man, can this slut-a-roo take it way up her kazoo! Cowgirl anal is similarly wondrous, followed by doggie DP, during which Matty’s eyes sink into the back of her head, as the lads drill her mercilessly. And she loves it! Whore’s a damn good ATMer, too! Reverse-cowgirl DP is similarly X-cellent, made all the more arousing thanks to Mat’s impassioned looks on her sexy-as-fuck face. Then it’s single-doggie anal, followed by both guys gettin’ a separate (way, way deep!) suck-off, each leading to their own separate spout-off’s. What a fantastic first scene! This blistering brunette rocks!

Next, Loren Minardi — 25, from Hungary — is a gorgeous brunette who’s terrific in everything she does with her own brace of boners. And I really like Lor’s thick eyebrows, which totally compliment her pretty face. She’s also a grand cocksuckette, going down to the base o’ those veiny shafts and then revolving her head around to give maximum pleasure to the little head she’s sucking. And what a perfectly juicy ass. Also, check out how her boobies hypnotically swirl when she’s doggied vaginally. Soon another prick appears, which she sucks while still getting doggied, after which she sits her crack on dick reverse-cowgirl style, never letting the raging hard-on in her gob go to waste. Yes! Then it’s reverse-cowgirl DP with those phenomenal tits wildly circulating for the world to see, followed by doggie anal, which is a movie highlight in itself, Loren’s tukus being that magnificent; while doggie DP has laudably well-coordinated piston action, with some primo gapes, as well as first-class ass-vibrations. Whore Lor’s a talented ATMer, too, soon happily taking her double-dollop o’ dick droppings onto her mug. Yeah!

Ginebra Bellucci — 22 and from Spain — is another delicious brunette and perhaps the prettiest in the movie; and I love her glasses, as well as the slow, deep, loving way she sucks the first guy’s cock, before a second sax arrives on the scene and she just as attentively takes care o’ this hose, before she sheds her clothes to reveal a magnificent body (from face to tits to tukus), soon diving into cowgirl while sucking a dick, before the groaning babe takes it doggie up her well-greased anus, followed by deep-anal spoon with gapes (and check out the big nipples on this sweetie!); then it’s doggie DP, as she gets her hair yanked, while loving every inch/second/thrust of it; after which we’re treated to some cowgirl vadge, reverse-cowgirl DP (her black stockings really spotlighting the amazing nature of her butt cheeks), with the top trouser weasel soon creaming all over her cunt (I don’t blame him!) — her tits seeming surreal in that they’re so perfect-looking — with the other boner soon pulling outta her crap-vat, making her get onto her knees, then blasting ball batter onto her lovin’ lips. Great gal!

Lastly, we have a redheaded Austrian chickadee named Lexy Gold, who may not be as classically cute as the other young ladies, but she’s most definitely classically nasty, enjoying that double dose o’ dick in her cakehole, cunt and crapper. She’s a good cock-choker, going back and forth between shafts with crazed hunger, with a rewindworthy moment being her hard, fast, take-no-prisoners reverse-cowgirl anal, including some joyous gapes, which whore-ganically lead to a reverse-cowgirl DP as she repeatedly moans like a total slut, followed by some singular doggie anal (letting us focus on Gold’s golden rump) and DP doggie, which is loaded with some eye- and dick-popping booty gyrations from truly horny Lexy. Whew! One guy inevitably creams onto her anus during doggie DP (romantic!), while the dude-a-rooni below smacks her ass cheeks and keeps humping away, eventually yanking out his willie and spurting all over Lexy’s open, voracious mouth. Talented whore!

It doesn’t get any nastier than “Fantasstic DP 30,” chockfull o’ foxy female foreign bods, with the girls being absolutely shameless (just what we like!) anal/DP sluts. Get it!