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SomeThings You Thought You Knew But Didn’t Really Know At All About UKAP

It has become incumbent upon me of late to redress the balance of negative rumours I have heard surfacing from all corners of the adult industry which seem to be directed at the producers association known as UKAP.

Contrary to popular belief, the awards as in UKAFTA has nothing to do with UKAP whatsoever. As far as its inception goes it was the idea of a few members supping beer on an archair in a central London hotel who felt we needed something grandiose to celebrate the (UK) porn industry and I was one back then that didn’t feel the UK warranted such an event when we had so many things wrong with the business in general. To say we couldn’t find our arse with both hands is to suggest that we have no real infrastructure to warrant things like a “star system”. 
Take a look around now in 2008 and its nice to see there are companies coming up that appear to be a lot more professional and pushing towards a more professional approach to the business of adult productions. Im not just talking about the quality of their productions bu their approach to the people they employ too.

Back to the awards; this was taken by a former member of UKAP who went ahead and did the first one in less than 2 months. I never thought he’d do it and that it was going to be dismal but in truth I would have to say he did quite well in the short time frame he imposed on himself to do it. The fact we turned out to support this event seemed to indicate that we had something to do with it but the truth of it was the association was left out of it the whole time. There were no sub committees or anything. Phil Black had his own agenda and just got on with it. He may have done this to avoid doing it by committee which would’ve slowed everything down which I can understand and whatever the outcome of those two first annual events (praise or criticism) should be levelled in his direction. Personally I have to salute the man for his efforts as I had a cracking night out regardless of the various problems I’ve heard about it.

The other thing Ive heard surface time and again is that UKAP is some kind of sinister organisation or cartel of sorts. Ha ha haaa I wish!!! The truth to this is that UKAP is simply a bunch of producers who have their own business sewn up who met up at Erotica over drinks and didn’t end up going to the show for just having a natter while propping up the bar and I distinctly remember Jim Slip saying that this was really nice that no one was bragging about “my stuff is better than your stuff” and all that other pissing contest stuff that producers are generally known for. 

The process of becoming an association happened after we met up for drinks on a couple more occasions and we all shared the same problems like model no shows, costs of locations, finding them and other business related stuff I wont even bore you with and before long we had other producers on board who felt the same way that producers were coming in for attack from all corners, the models, the distributors, the satellite stations, the fans that we felt it was necessary to keep in touch via email which wasnt good enough and Jay took it upon himself to set up a forum with which we could all keep in touch (because multiple phone calls was just not working).

The reason to have the producers forum password protected seemed to generate suspicion and negative comments to our activities and efforts which were mainly for the interest of the industry at large because ultimately it would be in our interests too as a producers. Producers didn’t feel comfortable answering questions about the decline of UK porn which I’ve always found subjective anyway. One mans meat is another mans poison if you like.

Its been interesting times for me also since the whole debacle of online certs turned into a personal attack on me which I found highly amusing at one point and on the verge of rage the next for how accusations of trying to control the industry to “who the hell do I think I am?” seemed to be the mainstay rather than the important issue of the performers health as if to say I was taking this on to win people over. I can state hand on heart that this is far from the truth.

To those who need a reason for my motive: I mainly shoot couples these days as most people know but what some fail to recognise is that I still have a significant presence with professional performers as I shoot content for both parties and herein lies the problem.

I have witnessed time after time some discrepancy with some performers and their tests, ranging from misplaced certificates to working a day or two out of date with the other performer agreeing to it because “Oh well, you know me. I never have anything anyway” or some such similar excuse that I thought it might be time and best for producers like myself to inspect this sort of thing somewhere, anywhere prior to agreeing to do a shoot. As a producer, you find yourself stressed before even doing the shoot for a variety of reasons than to be had over a barrel on the actual day of a shoot where you just go ahead with it without so much as a regard for the possibility that something could go awry and its only when a friend who is understanding of the legal aspect of health and safety informed me what penalties could be incurred to negligent producers if proved something happened on their shoot where my interest was piqued. In fact it was one shoot I did with a friend that I didn’t inspect tests and left it to the performers which was the same shoot she caught an std and I felt particularly guilty because of it. O k it was another content shoot between performers but that’s besides the point.

That and the fact the industry has expanded to such a degree that we now have straight people with ambiguous orientions in the mix indicated to me along with various outbreaks of Chlamydia (ok no biggy) with gonorreah and syphilis (ok now we are getting deadly serious) that its just matter of time before something big kicks off and I imagined a worse case scenario if the big one hit us in the industry. 


What would happen? 

If anyone remembers what happened when Daryl James caught HIV back in 2003 will remember the tremors of fear and sickness it caused within the UK performing community with those who may have been indirectly affected because they worked with someone who worked with someone who worked with one of the three infected parties and the multiple tests they had as they sweated waiting for the results. Not exactly hard on inspiring stuff to continue working in the biz of jizz really is it? And that was with a system like AIM already in place which, while no deterrent against catching stds quickly isolated the incident from being a far bigger problem with more casualties.

Which brings me back to why I am like a dog with a bone about this issue, and why I am annoyed that certain people are trivialising these efforts as the present system is just not working at all as I see people taking risk after risk and stricter controls should be brought in now, not just for the performers but also for the producers as well for which this issue is a double edged sword/

Some producers feel they need not concern themselves with the health issue as the two consenting parties or more agree to work with each other and no disclaimer on a model release is going to give you leverage if and when the time comes and you find yourself in the docks trying to defend yourself. Sure you may get off but do you want the arse ache of even having to attend in the first place? Even if its being fought out by the two consenting parties at the time?.

That is a worse case scenario of course and might not ever happen (I hope) but I see no reason why we can’t take steps now to prevent that from happening. At least appear to be more professional by regulating ourselves better. If the proverbial bomb drops you can bet that the powers that be wil come in and regulate by just trying to ban you in one way or another by making something law tomake it happen. Remember the BBFC Online scheme anyone?

I don’t mind those who oppose the certs online scheme but what I do mind is when you don’t make suggestions to back it up or make it personal by going off topic. Put your emotions aside as this issue is way bigger than me. I don’t really care that you don’t like me because you probably don’t buy my stuff anyway. I’m not that insecure and this is an greement we’ve always had at UKAP as well as (Im gonna get flamed for this but what the fuck) not all members get on as much as our critics like to think and witnessed with a certain member who decided to resign because he thought we were all mad to even consider this. Hence we could never be some kind of cartel for this reason as it would require a level of loyalty beyond business interests to make it work. However, there are things that we all feel we need to band together on and sometimes it comes together and actually works. Im hoping the health issue is one of them.

Once this is sorted we can get back to the good old fashioned business of bitching and fighting and sniping….Ok I was kidding.

So to summarise, UKAP is not out to try and control the industry and even if we did it would be a better place for sure as we are not all about fleecing and conning the consumer out of their money as some of you may think. This is bad business practice if you subscribe to the notion of once bitten twice shy. I have always been about the long term and here I still stand. You must have us confused with someone else whose reputation precedes them but why put everyone in the same category. Has my reputation been tainted before this moment why this subject was treated with such hostility? Or was there something else I missed?

The other person I think has come under unfair scrutiny is Jay K from Real Punting as Ive noticed the escorting issue coming up with regards the new scheme and as Ive said earlier no matter what safeguards you put up there will be no guaranteed deterrent to contracting an std as what people do in their private life is what they bring into the industry anyway.

If everyone got tested was clear just had sex with everyone who got tested and was also clear then Im sure that there would be less chance of anything getting into the business. Chastising people who may be higher risk is not a solution because it will just force it underground anyway and probably has done already. After all, wasn’t it not someone outside of the industry that brought it into the industry when Daryl James contracted HIV? I have heard models who escort offering sex without condoms bu tlets face it, if you come between a model and her way of making a living what you wil force them to do is lie so I see no deterrent in that area either. If I had one criticism of Jay and Real Punting is that it doesn’t reflect the real truth that bi sexuality is on the increase, or it was always there, I just didn’t see it because Ive always been focussed on porn from the professional community and even then I’m privy to knowledge that several members of themale performing contingent have done the occasional shoot or two but this is not an attack on them or escorts or anyone for that matter and anyone thinking along the lines of eradicating this side of the business are in for a real eye opener as you might have worked with someone who worked with someone who may have worked with that person.

To waste time fighting and arguing is to waste time getting important things done about it. So is it too much to just ask for stricter controls on the tests?

The plans to have the certs online will be administered and uploaded by the clinics who are participating in the project and contrary to the negative opinions is actually going to be endorsed by many of the top end companies who are not even members of UKAP, but it was UKAP that brought them to the table. If anyone cares about this scheme it is not about us. Its all about you, so if you want it to happen you can be part of making it happen unless you are happy with NHS tests that can and will continue to be faked. UKAP are not in control of these tests. We just helped negotiate to make it happen, a process that is still under way. You don’t have to like us even but at least give credit where credit is due.

A simple thanks would suffice.

I could go on about many other things you don’t know. Thank goodness for the password protected forum or I would never hear the end of it.

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