UKAP Meeting Monday 24th November

The meeting was very well attended in particular the general meeting was and we had 3 new members the association. This is an amended version of the full minutes available in the members forum


Jerry Barnett                          

Myles Jackman           

Nichi Hodgson           

Paul Taylor 

Scarlet Grey        

Graham Swain           

Rock Charogne          

Ben Yates                  

Dave Tubs            

Oscar Storm         

Jay from YC            

George Knagg          

Andy Sneaky Pee                         

Rah (Top Of The Babes)                          

Zara DuRose & David

Bill Penn (Nafforf ATVOD)            

Gary (SpeedyBee)

Jamie (Studio66)

Angel Long

Chloe Lovette

Charlotte Rose

Marcus Van Der Akker 

Names in bold indicates new members


Review of XBiz EU

All positive. Want to be involved again next year


All felt the awards needed cohesion and a concerted effort will be made for 2015. The ball has started rolling for ideas already. See forum.

Age verification

Flaws were addressed with VeriMe with UK numbers and failed ATVOD audit who expect the service to deal with international numbers

 AVMS Regulations

 Adult Provider Network

No one objected to Adult Provider Network attending future meetings to update on matters relating to ATVOD and legislation

Promo video

Model Centro as alternative solution to those wanting sites off shore?

This was not a legally viable in light of  new changes in the law which would apply to those in this country with editorial control running sites off shore


Options  to be explored but didnt have time to expand on details due to lack of time


Now due 

Paul Taylor

New site project shelved pending forthcoming changes in law December1st


ATVOD seminar on 14th about changes in law re content R18 strength doesnt mean you have to be certified. The meeting was focussed on BDSM/ fetish genre on what is acceptable and unlawful under the new guidelines See 


Ditched the ISP filter campaign


Feedback on Venus, Berlin : Poor attendance due to local strikes but maybe worth going in future in case the tide turns next year It sounds like the event is only good to do shoots with european talent  and networking at after parties

Ethical Porn Partnership

Nichi recorded our opinions on the topic for a programme on Radio 5. 

Collection for Lolita Taylor

We collected £100 with the idea of doubling it with UKAP funds but after speaking to her she has 
refused our donation with a message stating she doesnt need the money now as she only needed a little bit to start off with which she's got already.

Next meet date: TBA









UKAP Awards party & XBizEU 2014

XBizEU 2014:

Its fair to say that XBizEU was a great event with the various seminars and networking. The event being spread over 4 days was a marathon that left a lot of people exhausted, but then how many parties can you handle from Thursday to Saturday night all sponsored with free booze?

This is a superb network event and it was only fitting that since we have moved the parties back to industry only that we were going to reap the rewards of networking with so many people behind the senes we seldom get to rub shoulders with, the billers, the movers and shakers, designers and products we use for social networking and of course, the former YouTube entrepreneur JT's keynote speech, regaling us with how he got into the porn business and revolutionised it with tube sites. 

Results of the UK Adult Producers Awards: 

Newcomer Of The Year: STELLA COX
Sponsored by Pervlens




























UKAP Awards 2014

Female Performer Of The Year: TINA KAY

UKAP Awards 2014
Producer/ Studio Of The Year: FAKE TAXI

UKAP Awards 2014
Male Performer Of The Year: DANNY D

Top Of The Babes Award 2014: CHERRY DELAINEY
Sponsored By Top Of The Babes

Your Choice Best Selling DVD 2014: DOWN ON ABBY
Sponsored by Your Choice

Your Choice Girl Of The Year 2014: LEXI LOWE
Sponsored By Your Choice

UKAP Awards 2014
Services To The Industry: JERRY BARNETT


Videos from the party and seminars from XBizEU are currently being prepared so watch this space for more details on that.

Seminars heading this way are in the XBizEU brochure:

The Adult Providers Network: Discuss being regulated by ATVOD as a way of shaping policy within and worrying preview some changes heading our way that is going to rock the adult business in November with changes in legislation set to affect us

Age Verification: The pro & cons and demonstrations of services from Veridu and Verime

Sex & Censorship: Reversing The Trend: Jerry Barnett heads up a lively debate discussing the year and forthcoming changes set to affect us in November and the dangers of censorship

JT "The You Porn Guy" Keynote Speaker: On how he got into porn, and where he is going with the future and the changes that are going to have to deal with



UKAP Meeting Friday July 11th 2014


Overview: 16 people in attendance. Figures down on last meeting in November. Gained three potential members. Solid productive meeting. Some failed to appear had difficult getting in and a recording link will be available for private listening on request. Lee Brooker from SWISH grants access for his segment to be made available to the public

Jay from Your Choice wants to head up a campaign against ISP filtering Everyone supportive. He will reach out to other companies to support this with UKAP behind him

Website/ forum: members admit they only use it to access the producers forum. It was addressed that people need to use it more as an extension to their business by promoting their products,since they are in effect paying for it with their subscriptions.Stills from their shoots. Website updates was suggested. ChatGirl player as a source of revenue was welcomed. Generally everyone is ok with the site and dont want a re-skin/ re design

Positive networking
Diversification was suggested by becoming afiliates to sites to drive traffic and bring in residual income. Your Choice selling DVDs via blogs and tweets with afil links etc and generally outsourcing work to people within the business via advertising on the forum Posting work skillsets on UKAP forum so we can provide work to those on our radar ie cameraman/ editor, web designers etc

Does anyone want to audition the new talent? No one picked up on this

Parties & events: A small awards event to work in tandem with Top Of The Babes to market product and promote the girls was agreed. Best DVD of the year best Girls voted by the public and Girl of the year to be worked out and format

Age Verification: feed back from the recent Adult Providers Network stipulated its inevitably coming but greeted as a step in the right direction. Veridu will be at XBiz and granted questions to its service to be avvailable via podcast tothe business to prime questions for their demo at XBiz

Ethical Porn: Nichi Hodgsons pitch for an industry kitemark offering a fair trade stamp on adult film productions was received well and a sign up fee agreed. This is a step in the right direction for the adult business to show responsibility in regulating itself. The support and resources Nichi provides will be an invaluable asset to any company that is serious about being a business and will work closely with producers in shaping terms and conditions of joining. More information A discussion with Nichi about the Ethical Porn Partnership and why its needed can be heard here

Clinic rep: Lee Brooker from SWISH. Case worker: 0207-812-1806 mobile 07909-330592 email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Its a shame no models turned up to represent and ask relevant questions but maybe thats indicative of the business fracture of paid work and models now working independently. Lee agreed for the recording to be used to raise awareness to SWISH testing services to the adult business at 56 Dean Street and outlines the tests involved with a full screening and the certificates issued with it. Besides this he is pro active in other campaigns to do with the sex industry. Centralised testing was discussed as a possibility but a lot of work and support from the business in general is required to make it work. Producers support this if models decide to show support for it.

Anyone want to put an embeddable revshare player for ChatGirl on their site/ blog then get in touch with Krystal Niles  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bill Penn discussed latest findings with ATVOD acting our of their remit with the EU Directive which others contributed to the discussion

Feedback from the Adult Providers Network was described as being "the new industry trade association for those compliant with ATVOD regulations and those that signed up have a chance to shape policy being in it. Age verification Veridu have agreed to be interviewed to inform the adult industry of how it works in the run up to XBizEU in September

XBIzEU have partnered with Sex & Censorship as the theme for this years event: If you havent signed up and you are a recognised participant active in the business then you should get in touch with Jerry Barnett to get a passcode which allows you to register for free  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This is strictly for adult business people only. Check out for more details and why you should be there. Its a 4 day event XBIZEU is a B2B event that will have all the companies, billing, website services etc in one place for a 4 day event. Every night there will be a party for a different aspect of the business. Friday night September 26th is the UKAP Party to coincide with a members meeting during the day facilitated by XBizEU It was suggested getting a room for UKAP to use prior to the party

The party will be a network and talent promotional event like the awards last November and will be filmed with presenters talking to models and business people who want to put a face and voice to their products, services or campaigns and there will be an awards for models, DVD/ best film and Top Of The Babes to be worked out with Rah X

Bee Marsh is available as a photographer, editor, model, stylist and events organiser  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please note she is deaf so text email only 0776-4477152

Raised On Porn documentary film makers are invited to come meet us and other interested parties in September. Various people have participated in their project and there is a possibility of a screening in the future when it is completed

The next meeting is set for Friday September 26th. Membership subs is due in September for those renewing and joining.

ATVOD Q&A with Pete Johnson @ XBiz EU 23/09/13

I was invited to shoot the video of this hotly debated topic to offer clarity to the misinformed people in our business despite an audio recording being available on our previous site that explained the same to pretty much the same outcome.
This video however is more comprehensive in that the audience consisted of more people that ATVODs rules and regulations affect, such as Clips4sale and Adultwork users and webshows. Those in attendance ranged from Myles Jackman (@ObscenityLawyer) and Chris Ratcliffe (TVX boss) who was recently removed from the ATVOD panel of  members for reasons explained by Pete Johnson in the video
There are many interesting things that were said. This video must be watched by those whose business it may affect whether you are operating in the UK or outside of it as Johnson goes further to explain the meeting they have arranged with tthe banks to block payments to sites that don't comply with ATVOD rules and regulations.
Be informed. watch the video.

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Sex & Censorship Rally @ XBiz EU 2013 23/09/13

Impressive turnout to the rally against internet censorship organised by Jerry Barnett (@pornpanic) and Ben Yates (formerly of it was really gracious of XBiz EU to allow the campaign floor time in the ballroom of The Radisson Hotel in Central London to stage this rally. Speakers in attendance with Ben were Karina Currie (former model performer and writer) Diane Duke from the Free Speech Coalition, Edie LaMorte (erotic dancer) and Myles Jackman (@ObscenityLawyer) who offered a colourful case story in injustice with the tiger porn story. Google it. His headlining success was getting Michael Peacock off he extreme porn charge (again, google it)  Everyone provided a testimonial in defence of why David Camerons ISP filtering will not work effectively as a child protection mechanism for the good reason its censorship net will be more encompassing than porn. If its not acted on now it will be hard to fight for when it is too late 
This felt bigger than just a defence of the porn industry  even though porn is the forerunner of freedom of speech by virtue of what it is because its all about the information and services indirectly stemming from it that will be lost to the filtering. Edie LaMort explained how the censorship affects her career as a stripper and erotic dancer. Sex services, counselling, education, health and more will be lost
There were some interesting questions posed at the end too and calls to work with the government on this. If you want to get involved with the anti censorship campaign then follow @pornpanic and facebook/sexandcensorship for more information This is just the beginning and it needs more supporters. If the filters and censorship affects you, because whether it is direct or indirect, it will, then you should be part of a bigger voice shouting out against it

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